“Fantastic shop, top expert’s advice, money saving tips on top products, highly recommended! Just wonted some advice as a begginer but end up with superb custom build longboard and some lessons 🙂
Thanks Kami”

Piotr Kądziela

“Very nice people and outstanding service! Would recommend them to anyone!
I went there to gather info about a surfskate and Alex and Jorge were brilliant. I had never set foot on a skateboard before so had quite a few questions about the type of board I was after and they really took their time to give me the best advice based on the kind of skateboard I was after. They also were super helpful in terms of choosing protections, very responsive via email, etc.
So guys, a massive thank you, I absolutely love my Carver! The surfing feeling achieved thanks to the setting you recommended is awesome and I am really happy I came across your shop. See you soon!”

Typhaine Ducellier

“Ordered new bearings from the online shop. Amazing and friendly stuff, they’ve contacted me and suggested a better product for LESS money and it arrived in a day! Really impressed with the service!”

Artem Vovsia

“Absolutely brillant customer service, ordered the board I wanted in as they didn’t stock it and really helped me out, would recommend over any other UK DH store!”

Vincent Attard

“I had an awful start to November, I was an idiot and left my board unattended outside my house and it was taken. I can’t even explain how heartbroken I was and how annoyed at myself I was for being so stupid.

My faith was quickly restored though by a quick message from Kami at Newton’s shred who offered to help source the various elements for replacing my board. I wanted my exact setup again so it was a tall order to find everything. Lucky for me Kami is a superstar and managed to find pretty much the last version of my deck that was available in Europe.

So, so greatful for all the support, I’m back riding within 2 weeks of the disaster and that’s all thanks to Kami and the rest of the team at Newton’s Shred.

Thanks so much”

Ross Sinclair
“Awesome place, Skater to Skater business…. Everything you need, with super awesome customer service and best equipment’s you can find…
Mr Alex is very knowledgeable person and he’s always keen to push people to skate more and more, his Saturday session on CrystalPalacePark are just like his shop AWESOME”
Tiago Fanha