Brand profile

Z-Flex is one of the longest living skateboard companies in existence. Founded in 1976, they have evolved as a pioneer in the industry. With decades of experience under its belt, Z-Flex continues its path of determination and dedication to skateboarding. Z-Flex makes decks for skateboards and longboards. Their decks are constructed from 7 ply Hardrock Canadian maple. Z-Flex skateboard decks come in a variety of designs featuring unique images such as skeletons, astronauts, burglars, and more! When it comes to longboard and skateboard trucks, Z-Flex sets the standard. Z-Flex skateboard trucks have a unique combination of specialized components that provide one of the most responsive, durable, and lightweight products on the market. Their trucks will improve your turning and stability, as well as boost the overall look of your board. Z-Flex skateboard wheels are made from their own personal urethane formula: Abrasion Resistant Z. This formula provides a one-of-a-kind smoother wheel never seen before in the industry. For a faster ride, choose Z-Flex skateboard bearings. To give your board some additional lift, use Z-Flex skateboard riser pads. They are shock-absorbent to help prevent your board from cracking. If you want to buy and ride your way to the skatepark, look no further than Z-Flex complete skateboards. They are pre-assembled and equipped with a deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, hardware, and grip tape. Build and adjust your skateboard easily with the right hardware! Comprised of Phillips head bolts and matching lock nuts, Z-Flex skateboard hardware is all you need to attach your truck to the deck. Whether you want to build your board from scratch or buy one that’s complete, Z-Flex has the equipment you need for a high performance ride!

As generations come and go, the creative team behind Z-Flex continues to think outside the box for new product ideas and improvements. Stick with a brand that has the experience and knowledge—choose Z-Flex!