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Based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Vicious specializes in super coarse grip tape that works for any style of skateboarding. Not a believer in grip tape? Think again! Grip tape provides just the right amount of traction for you when performing tricks. You’ll be sliding right off your board without that added grip, and that’s no fun! Vicious is the brand that knows grip tape best. Their super sticky tape offers you the hold you need for optimum control while riding. Their tape is ready to be put to the test, no matter how “viciously” you skate! Vicious skateboard grip tape is made in several lengths to fit properly on any skateboard or longboard. Never again do you have to go through the hassle of stripping off old tape. With a high adhesion and pressure sensitive backing, their grip tape applies easily on top. Vicious tape can wrap over the edges of your deck or be trimmed down. It’s extremely flexible, but doesn’t wrinkle from use. This grip tape will never tear or wear out! Vicious grip tape is 100% water resistant. It’s available in red, black, and white for a touch of personality. They’re sold in packs of four so you don’t have to waste time re-ordering more. Vicious gets your skating lifestyle, so show this brand some loyalty and stock up!

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