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Owned under skate label Madrid, Trojan is a skateboard brand that specializes in sliding gloves. If you’re into downhill longboarding and sliding, then it’s very crucial to keep you hands free from injuries. Because sliding involves your hands, distinct gloves are necessary. Trojan knows what makes for a solid, functioning glove, and they have put all that knowledge into their new denim slide glove. The Disaster slide gloves are lightweight and breathable for those warm summer days and feature a terry-cloth patch to wipe that sweat off your brow. These multi-taskers also feature Kevlar finger tips and wrist area for added durability! These gloves fit a bit small so if you can’t decide which size is best for you, go with the larger of your two choices. Keep in mind that these are leather gloves and will feel very stiff when first worn. After a few sessions of sweating in them they will loosen up and mould to your hand.

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