Paris Truck Co.

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Brand profile

Based out of Costa Mesa, California, Paris is a skateboard company widely known for their skateboard and longboard trucks. Paris mainly focuses on skateboard trucks because they know it’s the most important component for skating performance. They base their trucks after three features: turning, durability, and beauty. Paris has a lifetime guarantee—their trucks will be on your board for years to come! Most brands construct their trucks out of leftover metals from old pours thrown back into the melting pot. Paris skateboard trucks, however, are made from new and pure metals. This means that each of their trucks are poured and then spun into the mold, resulting in a stronger, molecular bond. A secondary heat treatment process is used to add strength and durability to the final product. Paris skateboard trucks are extremely strong and lightweight. They are the tried and true choice for both pros and amateurs because they stand up to even the harshest skating conditions. The combination of their tough composition and high quality metal makes Paris trucks a good choice for learning tricks. Paris trucks come in a variety of neon colors to mix and match with your deck and wheels.

Paris trucks are designed to look great and react lightning fast. The next time you need to upgrade your skateboard trucks, choose Paris. You will not be disappointed with this brand!