Brand profile

Madrid is a skateboard company founded in the early 1960s by Jerry Madrid, who continues to own and run his company to this day. The company got its start in Jerry’s parents’ garage in Norfolk, North Carolina. Originally a surfboard designer, Jerry decided to transition his passion of shaping surfboards over to skateboards. Over the years, Madrid has achieved a well-respected and well-deserved name in the skateboard industry. They specialize in complete skateboards and longboards equipped with their very own branded decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, and hardware. Designed for fast downhill cruising, Madrid complete longboards will take your skating to the next level. Their longboards are designed to make smooth turns while cruising at high speeds over long distances. With larger trucks and decks, riders have extra control with more room to move on their deck. Strong and durable, Madrid complete skateboards are constructed of 8 ply maple. Their decks are laminated to provide added stiffness and reduce board vibration. Many Madrid boards feature graphics of mythical creatures such as Bigfoot, Yeti, and the Loch Ness Monster. Madrid skateboard trucks are available in several colors to mix and match with your deck. Made from aluminum, their trucks are light, strong, and durable. Choose a set of Madrid skateboard wheels that fit your skating lifestyle. From free ride to sliding, Madrid has it all! When it comes to skateboarding, this company knows how to push you to the limit!

Madrid has been an icon in the skateboarding industry since the inception of the action sport. Stick with the brand that has seen it all, and choose Madrid!