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Owned and operated under Epic Distribution, Luxe provides skateboard and longboard parts to enhance the riding experience. Luxe believes that nobody should have to pay high dollar to step up their board’s performance. Their mission is to show the industry that their gear is the good stuff that skaters want and can actually get at low prices. Luxe has a tasteful line of trucks, bearings, risers, and grip tape. Made from die cast aluminum and carbon steel axles, Luxe longboard trucks allow you to lean low for carving. Their standard kingpin skateboard decks are for smaller boards and cruisers. Luxe trucks come in fun, vibrant colors to give your board style. Luxe skateboard bearings come in Abec 3, 5, 7, and 9 rated styles. The higher the rating, the more friction decreases and speed increases. Luxe bearings are made with removable rubber shields, chrome steel balls, nylon retainers, and chrome steel outer/inner races. Simply put, these bearings are quick and dependable. The best reason to choose Luxe? Their bearings are creatively packaged in iPhone-shaped cases! Luxe skateboard risers are made from their thermo performance formula. They have the appearance of a hard riser, but there’s just enough flex to work with all concave types. Luxe skateboard grip tape is pro skater tested and approved. One type of tape is made from an oil-based silicon carbide formula and the other from aluminum carbide. The silicon is perfect for vert, pool, cruising, and street riding and the aluminum for sliding, carving and downhill riding. Get ready for maximum control while riding because your feet aren’t sliding anywhere!

Who says you can’t have it all? Customizing your board for optimal performance is easier than you think when it comes to Luxe!

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