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Located in Montreal, Quebec, Kebbek has been manufacturing optimal longboarding gear since 1992. Their goal is to craft a more defined downhill riding experience. If you’re passionate about longboarding, or ready to give it a try, Kebbek has the boards you need. Constructed in various shapes and sizes, Kebbek longboard decks are a breath of fresh of air when it comes to innovative design. Their boards have incredible traction, response, and smooth turning ability. They’re built for fast speed and nothing less. Kebbek decks feature unique artwork unlike any other brand. Imagine any animal that’s drawn half robotic, and there you have Kebbek! From swordfish to kangaroos, you’ll spend all day looking at their wide selection.

With twenty years of experience under their belts, Kebbek has become the envy of other brands. Make Kebbek your brand of choice and skate hard!

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The shop continues to trade, however due to us enjoying the life of skateboarding somewhere in Europe, all deliveries will be dispatched from 07/08/18. (excluding Carver Skateboards as this can still be dispatched)

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