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Although skateboard wheels have been around for decades, longboard wheels are still catching up. Back in the 1990s, there were only two companies that produced longboard wheels. Without enough focus on longboard wheels, the result was sub-par urethane wheels. As the popularity for longboarding increased, as did the need to improve all equipment associated with longboards. Hawgs was born to fulfil this need. Hawgs longboard wheels are engineered, designed, and tested by professional skaters. They tweak shapes, adjust angles, and fine tune ratios. Everything is perfect before their wheels hit the shelves. It might be a lengthy process, but Hawgs wheels are worth the wait. Hawgs wheels feature super soft urethane to give you an effortless ride.The company is best known for their Zombie Hawgs, Monster Hawgs, and Mini Monster/Zombie Hawgs. Their Monster and Zombie Hawgs provide roll speed and a smooth ride for those who love to cruise around town and downhill skate. Their Mini Zombie and Monster Hawgs are round lipped wheels ideal for beginners learning how to slide. These minis wear down slower and are less prone to flat spots. Hawgs makes longboard wheels in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can cruise the streets and express your personal style. They’re constantly refining their technology and adding new skateboard wheels to their product line. You won’t be disappointed with wheels purchased from Hawgs!

Prepare to be blown away with Hawgs longboard wheels. Choose a perfect fit and take your riding to all new heights!