Brand profile

ACE trucks was founded by Joey Tershay & Steve “Shrewgy” Ruge in 2007. With a wealth of knowledge between the two, their mutual goal was set to create the best performing trucks skateboarding has ever seen. This proved to be simple by definition, and a bit more difficult in execution. ACE persevered through challenging formative years, slowly building an impressive team roster that grew along with brand popularity over the years.

In 2017 Joey Pulsifer was welcomed as the third partner in ACE, coming onboard with innovative concepts to improve the trucks strength and functionality. In April 2021 ACE released the AF1, the strongest cast truck on earth. This would prove to be a pivotal point in the brands evolution, solidifying its place as one of the most demanded trucks in the world.

ACE is widely available throughout the world and continues to operate out of Mesa Distribution with flagship locations in greater Los Angeles and Barcelona, Spain. Dealer inquiries are welcomed, click ‘contact’ to say hi.

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