Eos Cork Longboard Skateboard Risers

Eos Cork Risers are designed for the performance and dependability you need in a riser pad.

With an ever growing Longboard/skateboard community we can really make a difference. Eos Cork Risers are environmentally friendly & 100% sustainable.

High Quality shock pad risers are an essential part of every longboard. Without them, you’ll feel every bump, rock, and stick in the road, and it can even result in stress cracks and broken hardware.

To prevent these types of problems, we recommend you install Eos Cork Risers on ALL your boards. In fact, we can’t think of a single negative thing to say about these things.

Every single set of Eos Cork Risers are individually hand made and packaged by The Eos Guys here in the U.K., with quality being their top priority.

Note: All Eos Cork Risers are manufactured with old and new school hole patterns.