Carver Resin Complete Surfskate Complete – 9 3/4″ x 31″

Our Description:

Packing a lot of turning power into this 31″ setup, the C7 truck system brings you deep carving & plenty of turn like you’ve never thought possible.
The front truck takes care of nearly all the turning, allowing you to quickly pump from side to side, generating momentum for you to move forwards, once you’re up to speed, the turning circle on this board will have you carving up paving like it’s your very own wave.
The latest C7 setup from Carver features a taller front C7 hanger & revamped rear C2 truck, the latter of which now has a machined pivot pin, which gives you a friction less turn for that perfect surfing feel.
If you’d like a truck that’s more suited to getting air & riding fakie, then we’d recommend you go with the CX trucks instead.

The 31″ Resin. The narrow nose template and wide tail is just like your favorite squash-tail wave killer. It’s plenty wide and just the right length so you can snap and pump the flats with ease, and drop in to any hill with confidence.