Seismic Hot spot Defcon Longboard Skateboard Wheels – 69mm 78.5a

Diameter: 69mm
Durometer: 77a (plum), 78.5a (mango), 80a (mint)
Width: 52mm
Contact patch: 50mm
Core position: Offset
Usage: Cruising / Downhill
Edge shape: Straight-cut inside edge, square outside edge

Seismic Hot Spot 69mm Wheels. Ideal for freeride and technical downhill longboarding. This Downhill free-ride wheel has an offset core, square outside edge, straight cut inside edge and 50mm running surface. Available in the defcon formula. developed for speed and holding the guinness world record for speed. Great directional slide, long lasting grip and slow consistent wear. Good for general cruising and perfect for freeride, downhill or slalom boarding.