Alva Cruiser Orange Transparent Longboard Skateboard Wheels – 60mm 83a

Alva “Cruiser” wheels in 60mm diameter with a tough nylon core and sharp edges designed to look like classic 1970s wheels – Road Riders, OJs, Powerflex 5s, etc.
These are soft, fast and smooth over even rough surfaces…”polo” wheels can’t compete for speed with these  beauties.
If you like a wheel that really bites down hard and just won’t budge even when you’re really moving and leaning into a turn then these are worth a look.  The thin outer edges are designed to deform under heavy turns, increasing grip when you need it most.  Great for getting close to horizontal (well as close as you dare!) but without putting your hands down…Z-Boy style street cruising.
For general longboarding, transport, cruiser boards, 70s boards or even modern boards (with a riser or two for added clearance).



Durometer: 83a

Diameter: 60 mm

Width: 44 mm

Lip: Square