Don’t Trip Slalocybins – 100MM Raw Truck

Our Description:
This is Don’t Trips ultimate slalom or narrow LDP truck. It is adjustable width, and angle with spherical bearings in both hanger and pivot for super quick and precise steering. This is definitely the ultimate in quick steering, so it may not be applicable for DH.



Adjustable 100-106-112-118mm
Front comes with 75A Riptide APS bushings

Baseplates: Adjustable 30-70 degree (Front), Adjustable 10-40 degree (Back)

Slalocybins are RKP Trucks CNC Machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum
They have Spherical Bearings in the Hanger and Pivot
Front Base is adjustable 45-70 deg served with Riptide bushings (Duro depending on width)
Rear has an Inline Axle on 15 deg Base served with APS 90a Barrels

Front Adjustable 45-70Deg
Rear Adjustable 10-40Deg

Regular .6″ BS and RS

6mm Rake

NOTE: Sold only as a set of two (2) trucks.