Caliber II Forty-Four 183MM Black Truck

Caliber Truck Company has been working hard to create the next generation of Caliber Trucks; The Caliber II Forty-Four.

The Forty-Four Caliber is built for speed. The 44 degree hanger angle allows performance riders to push the limits of downhill racing. To further optimize the trucks’ stability, Blood Orange Bushings are configured with two 89a durometer barrels to avoid high speed wobbles. Like all Caliber Trucks, the kingpin is made of grade 8 steel to ensure your trucks will stay in one piece, no matter how hard you push them.


  • One (1) set of two (2) Black Caliber Trucks II Forty-Four 183mm Skateboard Reverse Kingpin Trucks
  • Axle width: 10″
  • Hanger width: 183mm
  • 44-Degree contained baseplate
  • Blood Orange Double Barrel Ultra-HR Bushing Set (89A)
  • Updated bushing seat providing a perfect no-slip-fit
  • Pivot re-designed for tighter tolerances with an updated chamfer
  • Circular kingpin hole with updated diameter
  • Truck strength increased by 40%
  • Pressed-in Grade 8 Steal Kingpin
  • Beefed up and reinforced baseplate
  • Thinner paints for tightened tolerances
  • Designed for High Speed and Stability

NOTE: Sold only as a set of two (2) trucks.