Dogtown Skateboards Triplane Rider Red Yorkite OG Skateboard Deck – 11″ x 30.25″

Reissue of one of the most iconic decks of the very late 1970s.

This was one of the wave of “modern” ultra wide “pig” decks that every company was rushing to get out as the 70s came to an end.  As per the original it features top and base layers of “Yorkite” which is some kind of polymer/fibrous material.

It was also one of the first decks to be made with concave – hence the name triplane which refers to the concave profile.  This is history!

Unusually the main graphic on this deck was on the top of the board so pretty much everyone used clear griptape with them.  If you want to ride this one you’ll have the same problem – the widest clear tape we have here is only 10″ hopefully we’ll have some wider soon but the ten inch would work pretty well if you grip “sideways”.  We use to do this back when wide grip was hard to come by – 3 or 4 side strips butted up next to each other.  Works well and you only have subtle lines across the deck where they meet.

A superb looking wall hanger but if you wanted one back in the day now is your chance to get one without spending $2000 plus on an original!


Length: 76.8 cm / 30.25″
Width: 27.9 cm / 11″
Construction: Maple.
Gripped: No.