Our Description:
The Earthwing Chaser 32 is a small and agile cruiser that has a construction that gives it a nice bit of flex too. It’s the perfect board for carving / cruising around town and then easily grabbing and storing your small deck after your rip.

5, and 6 ply core sandwiched in the uber lightweight precured Thermolam composite material. This deck is lively, and quick. It also lasts forever, and feels as good as the day you bought it, which is today! The integrated wheel wells allow for big clearance. The multiple wheelbases let you set this up for everything from park, to speed. Anyone riding a plastic accessory skateboard needs to get on this, and enjoy skateboarding again. This is designed to work. Chaser 36 36 x 9 tail – 5.5”, 6.75” nose – 2.5“, 3.75” wheelbase – 20.5 – 23” old school pattern natural weave, Core: 6ply (4-1/16th, 2-1/20) Chaser 32 32 x 8.25 tail – 5.5”, 6.5” nose – 3.25“, – 4.25” wheelbase – 16.25”, -18.25“ natural weave core: 5ply (3-1/16, 2-1/20th)