Carver Tyler Riddler Longboard Skateboard Deck – 10” X 36.5″

Carver’s commitment to surfskate began with surfing, so it’s natural we’d partner with shapers who’s vision overlapped with ours. Tyler Hatzikian’s focus on functional tradition dovetailed into our passion for modern surfskate perfectly. We’re stoked to introduce the new Riddler. Designed with Tyler for the local hills and alleys of El Segundo, the Riddler surfskate picks up on the interstitial space between longboard trimming and highly maneuverable carving. At 36.5″ it’s just long enough for a small cross step, while the longer wheelbase pumps faster.

The mid-sized deck is also short enough to keep the responsive turning characteristics of the Riddler. A great transitional size that will help longboarders practice cutbacks and strengthen maneuvers on the wave, it features a single concave down the length and a proper kick tail for pivot turns and acid drops. Because that’s what Tyler’s Retro-Modern style is all about: integrating innovative performance with classic longboard flow and style.