Our Description:

Compared to the Snapper, the Kerrlage offers a wider wheelase. This helps taller riders (say 5’10″+) to feel more balanced in their stance, allowing for a more stable turn & pump. If the Resin 31 was just a hair too short, this is where you’ll feel right at home. Cruise on down the promenade & carve away the flat days, don’t stagnate when the waves fail.

Like any dedicated surfer, team rider Josh Kerr has different boards for different conditions. As part of his Carver quiver he wanted a longer diamond tail deck for bigger carves and faster lines to compliment his shorter 28” Snapper model.
We kept the width slightly pulled in to keep the weight down, and with a little extra length you can widen your stance when pumping for speed and get plenty of leverage over the front truck. Since the longer wheelbase can handle more speed, this can handle those ‘big days’ when you want a board that will hold a fast line downhill, but still snap a turn when you get to the top of those big banks.
During our design session with Kerrzy he described the photos he wanted on this board; a hot girl, waves, a thatched hut, … all the elements of a great surf lifestyle. Taken by his friend and filmer Matt Kleiner, they are a true view into the life of a traveling surfer.