Alternative Fantail Wood Longboard Skateboard Deck – 9.25″ x 35.8″

The 2018 Fantail strives for perfection and progression. From a warm-up kickflip to the fast downhill joyrides you do with your buddies, the directional Fantail will take your skate sessions to the next level.

The Fantail was designed with a new full wood construction that includes our V-Technology paired with Carbon Spine inlays that create a stiff yet agile board. As a true downhill bomber it offers a wider platform in the front that slightly tapers towards the back. This rugged construction also enabled us to create larger wheel wells so you have a chance to grab rail while sending it through tight corners.

Progress your skills with confidence and enjoy knowing exactly where your feet are without needing to look down thanks to a progressive concave with a micro drop, complimented with a delicate w-concave strategically placed under your back foot. Take part in unlimited freeride action without hang-ups thanks to the rocker.

This board is the perfect choice for you, if you’re looking for plenty of stability, a locked in feeling and a responsive ride for your next skate session.