RAD Retro Roller Cruiser Board Complete – 7.9″ X 28″

Take the Retro Roller to the beach, school or simply have fun cruising your neighborhood

The Retro Roller Cruiser Board by RAD is made for beginners to gain their first board control with. With a Retro Roller you’ll surely bring some notable action on your way with its flashy graphics and 50’s inspired shape.

Stay classy with a timeless 50s shaped cruiser board

  • Responsive ride, that allows you to manoeuvre your way around the city.
  • Bring it to the train or bus easy with its handy 50’s shape.
  • Feel like surfing the asphalt because of its flat floating shape.
  • Meant for cruising, transportation, and learning the basics of skateboarding.

Get started right away, as this complete skateboard comes fully-assembled and pre-gripped out of the box.