Always wanted to be the cool kid on the block and get the money shot at your local event?? These pucks are for you. Loaded with 8 flint stones, spitting more fire than any other puck on the market and we all know fire make you go faster and change night riding into day. In the middle of this puck, there is a hexagonal hole, you can use it to tighten your bushing nuts from the trucks, so no more asking people for skate tool at the top of the hill. But apart from the ultimate slide pucks, they are impressive with their abrasion resistance, lubricity and durability.

Fireflies pucks

When you forget to bring your lighter to the party. #Youngforever #NewtonsFamily #EosFootstop . Fireflies pucks back in stock.

Publié par Newton's Shred Longboard Shop sur mardi 13 mars 2018