Crash Test Dummies Blue Slide Pucks

“Developed in Scotland, for demanding skaters on gnarly roads (all we have), these pucks will give you a durable, smooth slide where others won’t.

If you suffer from:

  • Melting pucks (high speed affects some)
  • Snagging pucks (sharp edges + rough terrain does that)
  • Quick wear (thin pucks)
  • Caught fingers (ouch!)
  • Worn glove fingertips (eventually… ouch!)

The new CTD pucks are an evolution. Like the new 2019 Gnarly Gloves, the new CTD pucks combine all the lessons learnt from all the previous versions. Utilising the same material that you love and lasts forever, they are now 95mm diameter, 20mm thick, but this time with a new bevel shape that will ensure there is always an angle down to the velcro, so you don’t hang up on cracks The blue ones have a grippier initial feel, the green ones more slippery. But both have the same predictable feel at higher speeds.

Price for a set of 2 pucks