Newton’s Shred UKDH Race Gloves + Eos Dragon Skin Pucks Black / White Slide Gloves – Large

Tired of holes in your gloves?
Falling and tears developing?
Worn through?
Maybe thinking on riding that Gnarly hill at 50+mph, where a fall rips anything apart?
• Premium cow leather throughout, with second layer reinforcing fingertips and high-stress zones
• Intelligent seam placement for fit and durability
• High-strength, industrial-strength VelcroERGONOMIC FIT – SNUG YET FLEXIBLE
• Velcro split at natural palm crease for full hand mobility
• Breathable perforated goatskin on back of hand
• Integrated Kevlar® knuckle bar
Eos Dragonskin Green Slide PucksForged for the gnarliest Uk terrain, the Dragonskin Pucks are built to outlast even the most hectic runs.Made from our durable secret formulae finished with heavy duty velcro. Our double bevel design eliminates puck snag on even the most chundery runs.


  • Two (2) Eos Slide Pucks
  • Size: 90 x 24mm