Newton’s Shred Freeride Gloves + Fireflies Pucks Black / Yellow Slide Gloves – large

These gloves are the most versatile protection for hands that money can buy. Specially designed for Freeride longboard and powerblading, the knuckles are protected against light impacts and the removable thick Fireflies puck made of long lasting PP material allows for eventual hand slides. 
Recommended for: Freeride longboard and Rollerblading (Powerblading)The mesh lining and the vent holes make them totally breathable to keep your hands fresh and dry even during the summer season. The short cut and the fingerless design eliminates any of the restrictions of usual downhill gloves, you can move your wrist and fingers in all directions with absolute freedom: hold a can, attach the buckle of your helmet, eat a hamburger, open a bottle or grab your board with no need to remove your sliding gloves.* These gloves are not made or prepared to protect your hands for downhill skating at high speeds. For downhill skating please use the Newton’s Shred UKDH  Race gloves.