Waterborne Surf And Rail Adapter High Performance Pack

The reason why the Surf Adapter is so special is because it enhances everything that made you love your skateboard in the first place. The skateboard deck, trucks, and wheels that you picked out will still feel familiar with the Surf Adapter, and you will still recognize the characteristics that make your skateboard unique.


Whatever board you’re most comfortable with! The deck shape that your feet are used to standing on, and the wheels that you know the limit of grip of are going to be the best fit for you. Wether it’s a freestyle longboard or a mini cruiser board, it all comes down to your personal preferences and skating style. Having said that, park wheels with a high durometer aren’t a great fit because the low speed grip just isn’t there. Also, most people loosen up their trucks a bit when they start using a Surf Adapter. The adapter uses the new school bolt pattern for the truck mounting surface and can mount to a newschool or oldschool deck.


The Surf Adapter and Rail Adapter are designed to let you perform surf maneuvers and off season surf training on any skateboard to improve your surf skill. Your body movement directly translates through the truck system to make your skateboard or long board draw the surfiest lines possible.


The Surf Adapter and Rail Adapter use soft urethane bushings to return them to center, just like a conventional skate truck. The Use of a bushing provides an important degree of suspension in the truck, making your skateboard, cruiser, or longboard glide super smoothly over the ground! Dampening vibration is key to generating speed from pumping and experiencing a genuine surfing feel. Other surf trucks (Carver C7, Swelltech surfskate V-truck, Smoothstar  Surf Thruster, YOW Surf System) use metal springs which wear out, rust, break, and need to be replaced.  By using the tried and tested skateboard bushing urethane blend, the Surf and Rail Adapters have proven to be more reliable, and feel more smooth! We moved on to be the first surf skate company to incorporate this technology into the front truck and rear truck of a surf trainer. Bushings can take more abuse than metal springs and also let your deck lean much harder in deep carves.


Your skateboard or longboard will feel completely familiar, but now bolstered with the ability to pump to generate speed, carve, and control slides with the precision, style, and grace of a well shaped surfboard.Your skateboard will become an important piece of your quiver. An essential to surf training and improving your surf skills.


The Surf Adapter has been designed with durability in mind so that it could support the most aggressive surf skaters in the world. We test the Surf Adapter up to 1,500 lbs. (681.9 kg), far more than any rider could exert to make sure that it will last a lifetime. The aluminum alloy used has elasticity, originally intended to make the part more durable, but also added a layer of suspension between the rider and the ground.


Waterborne Skateboards is the new kid on the block but is already being hailed as the best surf skate system. The Surf Adapter lets you turn much deeper than a Carver C7 and perform surf maneuvers that are much more true to surfing than a Carver skateboard with the Carver CX truck. Swelltech surf skate with its Jamie O’Brien pro model boasts the V-truck which can spin 360 degrees, but this makes them extremely unstable at medium or high speed and nearly impossible to use as a practical mode of transportation. The Surf Adapter has a unique geometry that allows you to hill bomb with confidence and stability especially when the Rail Adapter is used on the rear truck. Waterborne is the only surf skate innovator to develop surfskate components for the rear truck. The versatility of the Surf Adapter comes from its ability to fit and board length or skateboard truck. There’s no need to buy a completely new skateboard for surf skating if you already have a skateboard or longboard that you enjoy riding! Your skateboard deck, trucks and wheels will still feel familiar with the Surf Adapter, and you will still recognize the characteristics that make your skateboard unique.