Timber Tortini 41 Longboard Skateboard Deck – 9.06″ x 43.31″

The Tortini might just be the greatest thing ever, in all eleven dimensions. But we at Timber would say that about all the boards that we make. Right? Right. Try one for yourself someday and experience the agilty, strength and versatility that makes the Tortini the next addition to freestyle royalty.
Construction: Beneath the whole top layer we’ve put carbon fiber. Next to that it has extra carbon reinforced kicks, portuding over the bolts. This ensures a solid pop. And it will stay solid. Furthermore, because we have carbon in this one, we can use a lighter glasstype on the bottom. Making this board feel like Tortuga, but a lighter board. Also, it’s shorter. Which will affect the flex. A carefully tested and chosen combination of glass and carbon weaves makes this board very balanced out. Tough, light, but also available in three different flex types thanks to the lay-up. If you’re used to the Tortuga, remember: this one is a bit stiffer..

Medium is for riders between 60-85 kilograms. Between 70-80 kilograms this flextype will level out when you stand on it.
Gripped: No.