Landyachtz Stratus Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Deck – 9.25″ x 45.5″


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Landyachtz Stratus Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Deck – 9.25″ x 45.5″

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Length: 115.6 cm / 45.5”
Width: 23.5 cm / 9.25”
Wheelbase: 69.9 cm – 74.9 cm / 27.5” – 29.5”.
Construction: Bamboo



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Only 2 left in stock


Landyachtz Stratus Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Deck – 9.25″ x 45.5″

This is huge at 45.5 inches long but also very practical, well thought out and beautifully finished off too.

You can’t tell from the pictures but the base has a really thick glossy epoxy coating all over it which really does look classy.

It’s a super light and flexy dancing / freestyle board that now comes in a cheaper but premium bamboo construction.
The construction of this one is Canadian maple, bamboo and epoxy resin which makes it highly durable which it needs to be to withstand hard free style punishment. It is also springy and very light especially for such a huge chunk of wood/bamboo.
If you’re looking to learn some dancing tricks, cruise the streets in style or simply carve some turns then this is the perfect board for you.

It’ll make a great set up for any skill level, from beginner to the most advanced free style riders.

The shape is fully symmetrical, with a mild/medium ‘W’ concave and nose & tail kick, perfect for technical flat land, freeriding, cruising and dancing.
The routed wheel wells not only add to the beauty of the deck but are functional too.
Both nose and tail are double drilled so you can alter the wheelbase, flex or nose/tail lengths to suit your riding style
It’s designed to transport and carve but you can still push the grippy wheels into drifts around the corners if you push them.

Dancing is what it excels at but it’ll still handle some moderate downhill, freeriding and sliding.A superb looking dancer longboard but also great for transport, drifting, carving and cruising.


Landy “Stratus bamboo”

Canadian Maple, Bamboo and Epoxy Construction

9.25″ x 45.5″
Profile : Double kick
Concave : Mild/Medium W Concave

6″ or 7″ nose/tail (slight kick)

27.5″ or 29.5″ WB

Drilled for new hole pattern trucks
“Spray” grip
Flex : soft
Rails : Rounded
Shape: Symmetrical
Wheelwells front & rear

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Board width (Inches)

Board length (Inches)

Board Wheelbase (Inches)



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