Loaded Tarab Flex 2 Longboard SKateboard Deck - 9.5" x 47"

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Loaded Tarab Flex 2 Longboard SKateboard Deck – 9.5″ x 47″

The Loaded Tarab is designed to push the boundaries of modern longboard dancing. We launched our first Dancer in 2008, followed by the Bhangra in 2010. The Tarab builds on that history. Lightweight, durable and technical, the Tarab is intended to further the level of longboard dancing and modern freestyle.

Form and Function — Rocker, concave, symmetrical shape, kicktails, grab rails, and purposeful griptape combine to form an elegantly ergonomic platform for flowy footwork and the most frenetic freestyle dancing.

Damp and Durable — Bamboo and basalt construction keeps the Tarab lightweight, lively, and durable. A cork top layer complements the griptape design, providing secure yet non-abrasive traction across the standing platform while also damping vibration. Urethane-reinforced kicktails and unique UHMWPE rails enhance durability, protecting against a wide array of freestyle-inflicted damage.

Versatile Variations — Available in two distinct flexes. The Flex 1 features an extra bamboo veneer for added stiffness and damping. The Flex 2 is slightly lighter and noticeably more lively. Both flexes feature two truck-mounting options to accommodate a variety of riding preferences.


Rocker cradles the outer edges of your feet and creates a subtle locked-in sensation, providing a steady and natural platform for foot movement. Rocker helps keep your feet firmly planted in slides and also slightly lowers your center of gravity for enhanced stability.


Wheel wells are pre-milled into the core to increase wheel clearance, allowing for a fuller and more uninterrupted standing platform than wheel cutouts.


Mild concave promotes edge control and awareness without hindering comfort while carving and boardwalking.


A fully symmetrical shape ensures optimal ergonomics for any maneuver in every orientation.


Beefy and symmetrical nose and tail kicks provide ample leverage and a comfortable surface for catching tricks and balancing manuals. High-durometer urethane inserts are integrated in the deck to provide crisp pop with enhanced durability against impact and abrasion.


Grab rails on the deck’s underside shave weight and improve control on hand grab tricks. Matte bottom finish keeps sweaty fingers secure.


The Tarab’s purposefully designed griptape pattern provides traction along the rails for carving and sliding and a more aggressive grit at the nose and tail for manuals and shuvits.


The top layer of cork offers secure yet non-abrasive traction for pirouettes and other spinning and pivoting footwork.


The Tarab’s bamboo, basalt, and cork construction provides a comfortable balance of liveliness and vibration damping. Two flex options are tailored for maximum fun for any size rider.


The top edge rails are reinforced with Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene to enhance the durability of the top rails when the board lands upside down.


Trucks: For freestyle, dancing, and light freeriding, we recommend setting up the Tarab with 50° reverse-kingpin trucks for optimal agility and control.

Wheels: We run a range of wheel sizes from 65mm to 75mm on the Tarab with great results.

65mm freeride — lightweight and compact option for technical freestyle and freeride
70mm freeride — fantastic all-around wheel size for freestyle, dancing, and freeride
70mm race — grippier option for smooth dancing and freestyle with less sliding
75mm freeride — larger diameter for rough roads and more roll speed
75mm race — largest option for smooth and grippy dancing and freestyle


The Tarab’s graphics were created by the artist Will Scobie to convey the fluidity of longboard dancing, the euphoric experience defined in its namesake, and the Moroccan cultural influence.


Bamboo core – continuous vertical fiber orientation for liveliness and energy return
Basalt fabric – structural composite made from volcanic rock. Way less splinters on hand grab tricks than with conventional fiberglass. Unique flex characteristics and damping properties. Higher strength-to-weight ratio and lower environmental impact than fiberglass.
Urethane-reinforced nose and tail – improved durability with great pop
UHMWPE – improved durability on top rail edges and shoulders
Cork top – increased damping and a noticeably grippy texture for controlled footwork over the non-gripped sections of the board
Bamboo veneer (flex 1 only) – added stiffness with more damp flex characteristics to provide a noticeably distinct ride from the flex 2


Tarab: an Arabic term used to describe the ecstatic feeling associated with listening to and playing music. The naming of the Loaded Tarab was inspired by ambassador Lotfi Lamaali’s Moroccan culture and love of music.


Adam Colton singlehandedly spearheaded the revival of longboard dancing in 2005. After building his own custom dancing boards, Adam collaborated with Longboard Larry on the Old School Dancer. Loaded designed the original Dancer with Adam in 2008 followed by the Bhangra in 2010.

Over the past few years, Lotfi Lamaali has been a primary driver of performance longboard dancing. He has also been busy growing the dancing community both in Paris and now worldwide through DockSession. Lotfi was heavily involved in the design and development of the Tarab, and his Moroccan cultural background heavily influenced both the aesthetic direction and naming of this board.

With over 10 years of history in longboard dancing, Loaded is committed to supporting the growing community around the world. Whether it’s working with talented riders like Lotfi, taking part in major events like So You Can Longboard Dance?, or hosting a local chapter of DockSession in Southern California, we’re proud to be part of this community and can’t wait to see what the future holds


  • Length: 47″
  • Width: 9.5”
  • Wheelbase: 31.25″ | 32.25″
  •  Flex Ranges: Flex 2: 80-190 lbs / 36-86 kg
Brand: Loaded
Board width (Inches): 9.5
Board length (Inches): 47
Board wheelbase: 31.25, 32.25
Kicks: Double Kick
Mounting of Trucks: Topmount
Construction material: Maple
Colour: Limited Edition, Natural
Riding Style: Freeriding, Freestyle / Dancing, Long Distance Pumping / Pushing
Deck: Deck Flex 1, Deck Flex 2

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