Bearings Buying Guide


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Bearings Buying Guide

Metal, round cylinders that are fit inside wheels and slide on axle. All longboard and skateboard bearings come in a standard size – 22mm outer diameter, 8mm internal hole diameter and 7mm height.

Bearings allow your wheels to spin freely. They come in different ABEC ratings. ABEC rating is an industrial standard that specifies manufacturing tolerances of internal parts of bearings. ABEC rating does not consider important factors like load handling, materials or lubrication; thus, ABEC rating is not accurate way of measuring performance. ABEC rating ranges from ABEC 1 to ABEC 11, where ABEC 1 should be the least precise and ABEC 11 the most. Sometimes ABEC 9 bearings manufactured by one company can be slower than ABEC 3 bearings manufactured by another company due to factors mentioned above.

The shop continues to trade, however due to us enjoying the life of skateboarding somewhere in Europe, all deliveries will be dispatched from 07/08/18. (excluding Carver Skateboards as this can still be dispatched)

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